Mezkalin creates video glitch gear for experimental video artists . The video hardware comes from the 80s/90s and is modified with the technique  of circuit bending, to build glitch tools, that turn normal videos into a psychedelic dream with Lo-Fi textures and unique distortion effects. These Videosyntheziser are used in video and projection art, music visualizations, music videos and graphic works.


I don't have a fully automated shop, most things are build on request .....Just drop me a line to get infos about upcoming gear !



Special edition "Rusty Joe 420"


The design features real cannabis leaves from my 2021 harvest.....I can't remember exactly what strain it was, something like "California Candy Crush e.t.c.....all that fancy names these days.😝

Limited qty available!

Price: 420

more pics & infos


Synthwaver V2

The new Synthwaver V2


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Synthwave Killah

Typemaster XYZ


Black Widow