Mezkalin creates video glitch gear for experimental video artists . The video hardware comes from the 80s/90s and is modified with the technique  of circuit bending, to build glitch tools, that turn normal videos into a psychedelic dream with Lo-Fi textures and unique distortion effects. These Videosyntheziser are used in video and projection art, music visualizations, music videos and graphic works.


I don't have a fully automated shop, most things are build on request .The listed models are part of my standard range, but i´m constantly working on new creations. Just write an email to get updates for things i´ve in stock.


All paintings are hand made with 2k car paint. I can offer customized paint jobs...All items that needs to be build on request includes a paint job with the color of your choi


The Gravity is currently not available, the hardware is hard to find these days. 



but for now, check out Mezkalin's latest creations !!!


Rusty Joe

Since the Gravity is rarely available and the demand for more affordable devices is growing, I am working on a stack of "Rusty Joe" 


more pics & infos



Synthwave Killah



Here it comes ... the wolf in sheep's clothing. The Killah Bees paired with the Synthwaver look. How we gonna call this thing? right,  Synthwave Killah. This one comes with some great updates on the effects + 6 audio reactive switches. An amazing colorizer .....sencond to none.

Typemaster XYZ


Black Widow