In order to offer you a lower price range, we finally came up with new * CARENA*

The design is classic, clean & simple......but we didn't skimp on the effects.


Once again we created a  powerful mixture of colorful textures, feedback lines, neon-edges and glitch effects !!!

.... and all this good stuff harmonizes very well with the build in negative effect.


* a few units are labled with „Wetekom“ instead of Carena, so no worries if you get one of these, it’s exactly the same device *


  • 8 effect knobs
  • 3 enhancer fader + negative effect
  • 2 Video IN RCA 
  • 1 Video Out RCA
  • 12 V DC, 1A ( or more) center positive
  • Power supply for NTSC users is not included
  • 340,00€