The Synthwaver is a glitch machine that is second to none. As can be seen in the pictures, we put a lot of love put into the details to create this synth wave look. The device is audio reactive, the effects can be activated individually and the intensity can also be controlled. Of particular interest here is the pattern section, which can be modified in form by adding functions. There is a separate section with 8 pots that is only responsible for rolling stripe effects, which can be combined with each other, while another is only responsible for colorizing. There are a variaty of effect variations, that can be created with this device. It is identical to the Mandalorian, but differs partially in the selection of effects.






  • 28 effect knobs
  • 12 effect-Switches
  • 4 Fader
  • 10 Push-Buttons
  • 4 Inputs 
  • 1 Output
  • Pattern Generator
  • Scart / Composite
  • PAL
  • audio reactivity
  • 800,00€